VIP system

What is the VIP system?
Answer: The VIP system is an incentive program that rewards players who purchase gems in Bloodline.

Question: How do I earn a VIP level?
Answer: Players earn VIP experience by purchasing gems in Bloodline. Achieving enough experience raises their VIP level.

Question: How is VIP experience calculated?
Answer: VIP experience is earned based on the amount of gems purchased. For example, purchasing 60 gems earns you 60 VIP experience.

Question: Do Starter Pack bonus gems count as VIP experience?
Answer: Unfortunately, the bonus gems from the Starter Pack do not count as VIP experience. Collecting 120 daily gems from a 30-day Gem Card also does not gain you VIP experience.

Question: What benefits are there for VIPs?
Answer: As VIPs, players can enjoy these additional perks in Bloodline:
- Daily Purchase Gold Limit: X times
- Daily Purchase STA Limit: X times
- Hero Storage Max Limit +X
- Daily Purchase Job Change Energy Limit: X times
- Unlock special gameplay feature at certain VIP levels
- Task Rewards: Bonus rewards for reaching certain VIP levels
- VIP perks are cumulative and do not stack, so be sure to compare the next VIP level perks with your current VIP perks to find out what you can unlock at the next VIP level!

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