My game client disconnects every few minutes regardless of where I am.

One of your GPK files may be corrupted due to the use of third-party programs, resulting in game instability.

Replace your GPK files

Step 1: Locate your Conquera folder. Example: (C:\CherryDeGames\Conquera)
Step 2: Delete the GPK folder.
Step 3: Conquera to allow GPK to download the updated files.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have a poor connection to our game servers. You may do a tracert and forward to your ISP for assistance.

Step 1: On Windows, click Start. Type 'cmd' and enter.
Step 2: When the Command Prompt window appears, type:


For an optimal connection, there should not be any nodes with 'Request timed out', or >200ms ping time.

Use a wired Internet connection to connect to Conquera, as wireless connections tend to be unstable due to varied reception coverage.

Your router might be blocking or rejecting data sent from our game servers to your personal computer. If possible, access Conquera without the use of a router and monitor if the situation improves.

If your network does not meet the minimum requirements for Conquera, consider upgrading your Internet connection plan.

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