The game is lagging badly.

Determine if you are experiencing graphical or connection lag.

Graphical Lag

* Jerky animation
* Screen freezes or hangs for a moment, especially during spell-casting or with heavy animation involved

Reboot your personal computer.

Lower your game resolution and graphics/texture quality. Switching to full-screen mode may help as well.

Close some programs and processes to free up memory. It is recommended to have at least 1GB of free RAM.

Scan your personal computer for any viruses, keyloggers or spyware as they can hog up your system resources.

Update your graphics card driver software to the latest version.

If your personal computer does not meet the minimum requirements for Conquera, consider upgrading to a better computer.

Connection Lag

* Significantly delayed response between clicks when talking to NPCs
* Monsters do not die or receive damage
* Monsters and party members float across the map, or 'teleport' around at random intervals

Reboot your personal computer.

Ensure you are not downloading or torrenting any files in the background. This also applies to other computers on the same network.

Use a wired Internet connection to connect to Conquera, as wireless connections tend to be unstable due to varied reception coverage.

Consider your location from the game servers. It is normal to experience some form of connection lag especially if you reside outside of South-East Asia.

If your network does not meet the minimum requirements for Conquera, consider upgrading your Internet connection plan.

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