I can’t top up CC with PayPal / Credit Card!

  • Ensure you have completed the one-time credit card / PayPal verification process. This is necessary to ensure you are a genuine and authorized credit card owner.
    Note: Your credit card / PayPal verification will be rejected if false information is given.

  • You may have unsettled credit card / PayPal issues with Cherry Credits, which lead to the suspension of your CC usage. Please submit a ticket at Cherry Messenger for further assistance.

  • The credit card gateway (Red Dot Payment) or PayPal may be temporarily down for maintenance. Please try to Top-Up again at a later time.

  • If this is your first CC Top-Up via credit card / PayPal, there is a 48-hour approval process as stated on the Top-Up page. Please be patient as the approval process is done manually.
    A notification will be sent to your registered email account when your transaction is approved / rejected.


If your problem is not related to the categories above, please submit a ticket to Cherry Messenger with the following information:

  • Top-Up method used (e.g. PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, etc)
  • Date/time of transaction
  • Problem encountered in detail
  • Transaction Number from the third-party provider, if any
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