CC is not credited to my account after I have Top-Up successfully!

  1. Did you topped up to the correct Cherry account?

    Please note that Cherry Credits will not be able to assist any request to "transfer" CC to another account.

  2. Did you topped up via PayPal or credit card for the first time?

    There is a 48-hour approval process as stated on the Top-Up page. Please be patient as the approval process is done manually.
    A notification will be sent to your registered email account when your transaction is approved / rejected.

If your problem is not related to the categories above, please submit a ticket to Cherry Messenger with the following information:

  • Top-Up method used (e.g. Prepaid Card, PayPal, MasterCard, etc)
  • Date/time of transaction
  • Problem encountered in detail
  • Transaction Number from the third-party provider, if any
  • Serial No. and Security Code of scratch card / SN and PIN / Electronic Pin Code used for Top-Up, if any
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