I forgot my Secret Q&A!

The Secret Q&A is used when performing a reset on the 6-digit Security PIN. If you have forgotten your Secret Q&A, you can reset it within Cherry Exchange.

  1. Click on "Personal Info" within Cherry Exchange.

  2. Click on "Change Secret Q&A".


  3.  Enter your new Secret Question, Answer and click "Submit".

  4. Enter your Date of Birth.


  5. Enter your 6-digit Security PIN to confirm the reset.


All automated emails are sent from windmill@cherrycredits.com. Check your email account's Junk/Spam folders if you have yet to receive any.

If you have problems resetting your Secret Q&A, please submit a ticket on Cherry Messenger with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Identification Number
  • Country of Residence

Our Cherry Gardeners will perform a manual reset for you upon successful account verification.

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