I did not receive my event reward.

Most event rewards will not be credited to your character(s) immediately, hence it is important to check the event news on the Dragon Nest SEA website carefully.
The deadline for reward crediting is usually stated in the Terms and Conditions section:

Example (refer to highlighted sentence in pink)



If you have yet to receive your event rewards 24 hours after the crediting deadline, please submit a ticket to Cherry Messenger with the following information:

  • Event Name (e.g. More Storage For Your Buck! (11–13 Jul))
  • Affected IGN(s)
  • World(s)
  • Confirm that you are eligible and completed all requirements within the stated event period
  • Purchases Transaction Log, for Cash Shop/Top-Up events (you may access this through the Transaction Log in Cherry Exchange)
  • Any other information that may aid the Cherry Gardeners in the investigation

[Important Note] We regret to inform that due to technical difficulties, inquiry and dispute tickets sent one month after the end of the event will not be entertained.
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