I received an email that Dragon Nest SEA will delete inactive accounts!

We would like to bring your attention to an recent email sent to random Dragon Nest SEA players.


Be wary; this is not an official email from Dragon Nest SEA!

  • Email is sent from a free email account.

    All official correspondences from Dragon Nest SEA are sent out with email addresses ending with '@cherrycredits.com'. Free email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail are never used to contact our players.
  • Email threatens to delete my Dragon Nest SEA account.

    Dragon Nest SEA will never delete any accounts, regardless of reason.
  • Email asks for my login information.

    Dragon Nest SEA will never ask you or have access to your passwords. Rest assured that all sensitive information are securely encrypted in our databases.

Do not fall for such tricks! If you believe your account has been compromised, please refer to 

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