I received an email that my game account was banned!

We would like to bring your attention to an recent email sent to random Dragon Nest SEA players.

Dear Player,

We notify you because your account in Dragon Nest Sea will be punish 14-Days Ban with mandatory wipe out due to following reason Link to a Gold Seller/Buyer (Real Money Trading) and Account and Item Sharing/Trading.

We would like to emphasize that to avoid your account being ban with mandatory wipe out please follow the rules and regulation in Dragon Nest Sea.All players are deemed to have agreed with the Game Abuse Policy when playing our game.

As this is your 1st offense, my fellow Game Masters are able to avoid your account being ban if you could provide us with correct details of your gold acquisition and correct information of your account.

Kindly Provide us this:
(note:We will further verify your account based on your cherry credits details that has been submitted, Failure to provide correct details will not be valid)

Email Address in Cherry Credits:
Date of Birth:
Secret Question:
6-Digit Security Pin:
Date and Time of last log in:
Character Name:
Account Server:

PS: We will notify you when your account will not be ban


Yours Sincerely,

Dragon Nest Sea GM


Be wary; this is not an official email from Dragon Nest SEA!

  • Email is sent from a free email account.

    All official correspondences from Dragon Nest SEA are sent out with email addresses ending with '@cherrycredits.com'. Free email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail are never used to contact our players.
  • Email asks for my login information.

    Dragon Nest SEA will never ask you or have access to your passwords. Rest assured that all sensitive information are securely encrypted in our databases.
  • Email claims my game account has been banned.

    Dragon Nest SEA will never notify you via email when your game account is banned. Game accounts suspended by the Game Masters will have an error message similar to this during login:


Do not fall for such tricks! If you believe your account has been compromised, please refer to 

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