Error: You have been temporarily banned from the game and website

Game accounts banned under this reason may have violated the Dragon Nest SEA's Game Abuse Policy. You are deemed to have agreed to the Game Abuse Policy during account registration. Bannable offences include:

  • Usage of illegal third party programs to gain advantage in-game (e.g. hacking, botting)
  • Glitching and loophole exploiting
  • Trading of game accounts for real cash, and vice versa
  • Trading of non-tradeable Cash items outside of the Trading House (e.g. Adventurer Bags, certain costume sets)
  • Usage of profanities or indecent language
  • Staff impersonation
  • Unauthorized advertising

Please note that Game Masters' decisions are final and appeals will not be entertained.


If your game account has been banned until 2020 and beyond, or banned under the reason "Verification Required", please submit a ticket to Cherry Messenger with the following information:

  • Game Login ID
  • IGN
  • World
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