I forgot my 2nd Password!

Dragon Nest players can reset their 2nd Password within Cherry Exchange.

  1. Log in to Cherry Exchange (https://exchange.cherrycredits.com/). 


  2. Click on the 'Cherry Game Account' button at the left menu.


  3. Scroll to your Dragon Nest SEA game account and click on the "Reset 2nd Pwd." button beside it.

  4. Enter your Cherry Exchange password to confirm the request.


  5. Check your registered email account for an email from windmill@cherrycredits.com and click on the link provided.

  6. The 2nd Password reset is now complete. For security purposes, please log into the game and set a new 2nd Password immediately to prevent any unauthorized access.
If the 'Reset 2nd Password' function does not work, ensure you have logged into the correct Cherry Exchange account to make the reset request.
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