My account was banned for no reason.

Game accounts suspended by the Dragon Nest SEA Game Masters will reflect the following error message during login:


[Note] If you received an email claiming that your game account was banned, please refer to

  • Violating the Game Abuse Policy

    All players are deemed to have agreed to Dragon Nest SEA's Game Abuse Policy when you sign up for a game account. Some offences include:

    - Using of programs or tools to cheat
    - Exploiting of game loopholes or glitches to gain an unfair advantage
    - Trading of game accounts
    - Trading of Gold for real cash
    - Trading of Cash items that are not meant to be traded (e.g. Adventurer's Bag, Storage Expansion)

    Serious offences will accompany with mandatory inventory wipes.

    The complete Game Abuse Policy can be accessed through
  • Victims with compromised accounts

    Hackers may make use of victims' compromised accounts to advertise phishing websites or commit further offences. To protect the victims, the Game Masters will place a temporary ban on the game accounts.

    Victims should submit a ticket on Cherry Messenger with the following information:

    - Full Name

    - Date of Birth
    - Identification Number
    - Country of Residence

    This will allow the Cherry Gardeners to verify and return the game account to the actual owner.

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