I get prolonged black screens when entering portals or dungeons.

The problem may occur when the Dragon Nest SEA game client is taking too long to connect to our game servers, which may ultimately cause a connection timeout and disconnect you from the game.

  • Ensure you are not downloading or torrenting any files in the background. This also applies to other computers on the same network.

  • Use a wired Internet connection to connect to Dragon Nest SEA, as wireless connections tend to be unstable due to varied reception coverage.
  • Your router might be blocking or rejecting data sent from our game servers to your personal computer. If possible, access Dragon Nest SEA without the use of a router and monitor if the situation improves.

  • Consider your location from the game servers. It is normal to experience some form of connection lag especially if you reside outside of South-East Asia.

  • If your network does not meet the minimum requirements for Dragon Nest SEA, consider upgrading your Internet connection plan.
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