I Top-Up CC successfully but it did not appear in the Cash Shop!

  • Your CC transaction may be pending for approval, or waiting for a status update by the payment gateway. 

    Step 1: Log into Cherry Exchange and click on "Transaction Log" under "Personal Info".


    Step 2: Select "Top-Up" under Type, and "Current Month" under Period. Click on "Submit".


    Step 3: Your transaction will be listed if it is successful and completed.


    Certain payment modes will require some approval or payment clearing period. For more information, visit http://cm.cherrycredits.com/entries/21722226-cc-is-not-credited-to-my-account-after-i-have-top-up-successfully.
  • You may have Top-Up to the wrong Cherry Exchange account. 

    Step 1: Login to Cherry Exchange and click on "Cherry de Games".


    Step 2: Check that the Default Game Login ID is correct.


    Please note that Cherry Credits will not be able to assist any request to "transfer" CC to another account.
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